Nationwide Funding

Brighter Tomorrow Grant

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offers the Brighter Tomorrow Grant to provide goods/services to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities. Maximum award of $1,000. 1-800-225-6495

Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation

For people suffering from SCI or paralysis, a grant up to $10,000 for a specific need item.

Center on Technology and Disability

Comprehensive funding resource library. 1-202-884-8588

Helpful website that contains a search engine to check the government’s grant database. Use specific key words that meet your needs. 1-800-518-4726


HelpHOPELive helps patients who have exhausted all other resources by awarding them a one-time grant for fundraising and providing other financial services. HelpHOPELive can help people mobilize their communities to raise funds for uninsured expenses related to catastrophic injury, including, but not limited to, vehicle modifications. 1-800-642-8399

Joni and Friends

The Christian Fud for the Disabled (CFD) is a $1,500 maximum grant for an individual with a disability-related need. The individual must be sponsored by a church that is willing to match funds received through the grant. 1-818-707-5664

Kya’s Krusade

Children under the age of 18 with a confirmed lifelong physical disability affecting the child’s motor skills, for which physical/occupational therapy is part of the treatment regimen, are eligible to receive financial assistance. Up to $1,000; all states eligible. 1-614-750-2198

Muscular Dystrophy Association

The MDA National Equipment Program takes donations of gently used medical equipment and donates them to people who need them. 1-800-572-1717

National Organization for Vehicle Accessibility

Provides grants for accessible vans, wheelchair lifts, scooter or truck lifts, or car top carriers. The foundation will help with 25% of the cost with a cap of $5,000. Aid given based on financial need.

RESNA Catalyst Project

A state by state listing of financial aid and loans.

Special Kids Fund

To be eligible for the Special Kids Fund, a family must demonstrate they do not have the resources to afford a vehicle on their own. The family must also have a good driving record, carry car insurance, register the vehicle, and pick it up. Nationwide program for children and adults. Apply via their website.

Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment

Grants available at ranging amounts to cover any accessible cost. Preference given to young people who are injured while participating in athletics. 1-323-655-8298

The Reeve Foundation

The Reeve Foundation cannot award grants to individuals, but the Information Specialist Team at the Paralysis Resource Center (PRC) can help individuals identify resources that can provide financial assistance. 1-800-225-0292

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Vocational Rehab office is a powerful resource for people looking to secure assistance for purchasing an accessible vehicle. They can also provide support in areas of employment, finding jobs, and more. Get back out there, contact you Vocational Rehab office today!

State Funding - Automotive Discounts

Chrysler Group LLC Automobility program

A program designed to help customers with a disability enter/exit and operate a new vehicle. Chrysler will give you a $1,000 cash reimbursement when you buy or lease a new Chrysler or Dodge vehicle. This $1,000 will help reduce the cost of installing adaptive equipment.

Ford Mobility Program

Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program

Provides up to $1,000 in reimbursement money for mobility modifications to a Honda vehicle.

Toyota Mobility Assistance Program

Grants reimbursements of up to $1,000 for aftermarket mobility equipment installed in a purchased or leased Toyota vehicle.

Veteran Programs

America’s Fund 1-202-412-0611

Ask Vets First

VetsFirst has 60 years of experience in assisting veterans. A free online application is all that is necessary to request assistance from a counselor. VetsFirst Knowledge Books contain the answers to many common questions regarding VA benefits, claim filing, and more.

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes wants to provide assistance to help veterans get back on track. They ask that you email them, and they will let you know how they can help you. 1-703-291-4605

Disabled American Veterans, DAV

The DAV can offer a lifetime of support for veterans and their families by offering rides to medical appointments, helping to file claims, connecting vets to meaningful employment, and providing access to various other resources. 877-426-2838

Help Our Military Heroes (HOMH)

Helps veterans pay for mobility equipment and modifications, and works with the veterans to make sure the vehicle is perfect for them.

Mesothelioma Veterans Center

The Mesothelioma Veterans Center offers free support to Veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma. Veterans now comprise the largest group of those who are affected by mesothelioma. If you have any questions about mesothelioma treatment options, leading specialists, or VA benefits and how to qualify for them, check out the Mesothelioma Veterans Center today! 877-404-9992

National Association of American Veterans

Our mission is to assist service members and disabled veterans and their dependents in accessing their benefits, and overall to improve their communication with the VA, health agencies, medical professionals, and the public. Resources include emergency assistance, job openings, giveaways, homeless veteran reintegration, scholarship information, and more. 202-465-3296

Navy-Marine Corps Relief


Operation Family Fund

Operation Family Fund provides grants for transportation and vehicle repair, and assistance with the purchase, rent or lease of a vehicle.

Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. The majority of the servicemen who receive help are the lowest-paid service members, the E-1 through E-6 enlisted ranks. 1-800-692-0956

Semper Fi Fund

Funding provided by the VA is applied towards the vehicle, and depending on the service member’s need, the Semper Fi Fund will pay a portion of the remaining balance. This gift will significantly reduce and maybe eliminate the financial burden. 1-760-7253680

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA)

The VA offers up to $18,000 towards purchasing a vehicle as a part of the G.I. bill, and this includes mobility vehicles. 1-877-222-8387

Veterans Benefits Administration

The Department of Veterans Affairs is the most comprehensive system of assistance for veterans of any nation in the world. The VA operates hundreds of medical facilities and more than 125 national cemeteries. Nearly 63 million of our nation’s population are eligible for VA benefits and services. 800-827-1000

Veterans of Foreign Wars, VFW

Member benefits for the VFW include discounted pricing on valuable merchandise and services across the country. The VFW strives to do good things for our deserving veterans, families, and communities. If eligible, members gain access to financial aid, scholarships, separation and education benefits, and help filing claims. 816-756-3390

Wounded Heroes Fund

To receive a grant from the Wounded Heroes Fund, you must be a resident of Kern County, California, or be born and raised in kern County, California. You also must be wounded, injured, a Purple Heart recipient, have PTSD, shed blood, or be an amputee. 661-328-8600

Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project helps connect individuals with a WWP benefits liaison, identify financial assistance options, and find resources to aid in accessibility modifications. 1-904-296-7350


Funding for Non-Profits


Joseph S. Bruno Charitable Foundation

Non-profit, charitable organizations may apply. Can be used to cover community health and services, and basic services for at-risk families and children, or general philanthropy. 1-205-879-0799

The Alynn Family Foundation

Restricted to 501 (c)(3) organization. Requests for grants up to $5,000, which meet the goals and objectives of the Foundation’s mission, should be submitted to the trustee.

The Malone Family Foundation

Nonprofit groups seeking programs and projects that expand the horizons and opportunities for children and young adults.