Consumer Wheelchair Van Loans (1 of 1)

Consumer Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Financing

Traditional financing institutions have a difficult time securing financing for mobility vehicles simply because they do not understand the cost and value of conversions. Many wheelchair vehicle owners have to put in the work of educating their financial institution and providing large amounts of paperwork in order to show that value, and if they are approved, they receive unfairly high interest rates. At Morrie's Mobility Finance we take a different approach. Our team works with a wide range of financial institutions that understand the extra value of your conversion and mobility equipment. We work with these institutions to ensure you are treated fairly and receive the best terms and rates available. 

Easy to Apply For Your Wheelchair Van Loan

We understand how difficult it can be to find the vehicle, conversion, and mobility equipment you need. That is why we are dedicated to making financing the easiest part of your mobility vehicle buying process. Simply fill out and submit a secure application for financing on our website and wait for us to contact you. Once we have you approved, we will send out a pre-approval letter and you can begin shopping. If you already have a vehicle picked out, we will work with you or the dealer to get all the paperwork in order. From there all you will need to do is sign and drive away your new mobility vehicle. 

Get Financed The Old Fashioned Way

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable applying for credit online, that is no problem. You can download a printable application and fill it in by hand. Once completed you can mail it, fax it, or bring it to us. If none of those options work we can always take an application over the phone, or you can come and fill it out in-person.  

Financing The Mobility Industries Top Mobility Dealers

We have developed relationships with many mobility vehicle dealers across the country and have set up a nationwide network of dealers. Dealers know that when it comes time to work on financing our staff and the knowledge and experience needed to get the job done. Dealers know that every customer has unique needs and they trust us to find the right solutions. With over 10 years experience in the mobility industry you can trust that we are going to create the smoothest buying transaction as we possibly can for you and are excited to assist with your transition toward mobility freedom.

Flexible Rates and Terms

Wheelchair accessible vans are by definition a large purchase. Despite that, many users are on a fixed monthly budget, and need to find a price that they can comfortably afford. We will help you evaluate your budget and acquire the highest buying power available. We can extend payments as long as 10 years if that is what you need. Our mission is to get you into the right vehicle with the right equipment at a rate you can afford. 

Locating Additional Funding Sources

There are a plethora of resources available to assist in funding wheelchair accessible vehicles and equipment. These funding sources could come from state specific programs, veterans assistance, charitable organizations, and more. Morrie's Mobility Finance will help guide you in your search for these resources, but it’s important that you recognize funding opportunities that could be unique to your circumstances. For example: if you are a veteran, the Veteran Administration may have programs that cover all or part of your expenses, depending on the nature of your disability. 

Disclaimer: All information on this page is subject to change at any time and without notice. Credit check required. Certain handicap van financing options are only available with approved credit scores and minimum down payment. The payment calculator only provides an estimate of the payment amount and should be used as reference only. Please call for exact financing options for your needs.