NEMT Wheelchair Van Financing (1 of 1)

Nation’s Top Recommended Provider of Non Emergency Mobility Transportation Vehicle Financing

Locating affordable financing for Non Emergency Mobility Transportation (NEMT) vehicles can be difficult, with most banks and credit unions non understanding the value added by conversions. Fortunately we have put in the work of locating and educating financial institutions of the real value of these vehicles and the hard working companies that finance them. Our team will work tirelessly to find you the financing terms that your business needs. 

Why Finance Your NEMT Vehicle Through Morrie's Mobility Finance

We understand that your time is valuable, and you would rather be out providing your customers much needed transportation to and from their appointments, than haggling over financing terms with a bank. Brandl’s financing experts work with many financial institutions leveraging them on behalf of you, assuring you the most competitive terms available. Allowing you to provide your clients the latest, safest, and most innovative transportation equipment, that matches the outstanding service you provide. 

How to Finance NEMT vehicles

Financing a Non Emergency Medical Transportation vehicle through Morrie's Mobility Finance is easy. Just follow our simple 5 step program, and you will be on your way to running the most profitable fleet of NEMT vehicles around!

Step 1: Apply for a NEMT Loan

To apply for a loan through Morrie's Mobility Finance, simply fill out our online credit application. Once submitted, we will receive the application, contact you and begin working on your behalf to find the terms most suitable for your business needs. 

Step 2: Get Your Pre-Approval Letter

Once we have you pre-approved we will send you a pre-approval letter you can take to your NEMT vehicle dealer. This will help you secure the vehicle you need and ensure the buying process goes quickly and smoothly. 

Step 3: Visit Your NEMT Vehicle or Mobility Dealership

The next step is to locate the dealership you would like to work with. The dealer will be able to guide you through what options are available, and what vehicles and conversions might best fit your needs. Working through a local dealer may be helpful when preparing for local or state vehicle inspections, as they would know what regulations you need to follow.

Step 4: Choose a NEMT Vehicle

After you find the dealership that is right for you, they will help direct you to a vehicle that will fit your company’s needs. Once you find a vehicle that has all the modifications, features, and mobility equipment you need, simply reserve it and send the vehicle and dealer information to us.

Step 5: Drive Away Your New Vehicle

Once you have completed steps 1-4 we will work with our financial institutions to find you the best available terms. We will take care of all the stressful paperwork, and send out the final documents for your approval. Once completed, your company will be ready to add its newest addition to its expanding NEMT Fleet!