Chrysler Edge II Rear Entry (1 of 1)

AMS Chrysler Edge II Manual Rear Entry Handicap Van

The AMS Chrysler Edge II Rear Entry handicap van is similar to the AMS Edge Handicap van.  The main difference between the two is the Edge II will allow for two wheelchair users to be loaded for transportation while the Edge can only accommodate one wheelchair.   Designing the AMS Chrysler Edge II rear entry handicap van, our focus was to bringing the most reliable product to the market with affordability kept in mind  Since it’s release in 1999, this design has become the preferred style for Schools, Senior Living Centers and Transportation Companies because of the cost to purchase and reliability the system offers.  With the success in the commercial market, AMS Vans offers the reliable AMS Chrysler Edge II Wheelchair Van to personal and private consumers as well.  Fully NHTSA compliant, you can now get the highest safety, reliability and affordability on your existing minivan or search hundreds of vans in stock.  Contact AMS Vans to learn more about your vehicles eligibility to become the next AMS Chrysler Edge II Handicap van.

AMS Can Convert Your Existing Minivan To A Legend Side Entry

If you currently own a minivan, AMS can convert your existing van to become a Volkswagen Legend Side Entry Wheelchair Van when the vehicle is eligible.  When you convert your current Volkswagen Minivan you will save thousands over purchasing a New minivan or purchasing an already convert wheelchair van.  Contact AMS today to find out if your current van is eligible to have the AMS Legend side entry handicap conversion added.

Volkswagen Legend Side Entry Power Door By AMS

Featuring a reliable power door, this wheelchair van conversion is the ideal choice for wheelchair users that want to be independent.  To gain access to the vehicle, simply push the remote control button and you will activate the power door allowing smooth, quick access to the cabin inside.  Once inside, you have multiple buttons you can close the conversion quickly, keeping the heat in and the cold out.

AMS Power Folding Wheelchair Ramp

Constructed from high strength aluminum, the power folding ramp on your AMS Volkswagen Legend side entry wheelchair van will feature a urethane based anti-skip ramp for many years of reliable use.  After 15 years experience building wheelchair vans, we believe the fold out ramp design is the most economical, reliable, and safest design for a power ramp.  With sand, salt, leaves and other debris carried in with the wheelchairs wheels, this style will not have issues from day to day use common seen with In floor ramps.  In the event of a failure, manual overrides systems are in place to keep you going and eliminate the possibility of being stranded.

Side Entry Lowered Floor By AMS

AMS Volkswagen Legend side entry wheelchair vans are designed with a lowered floor layout that allows for wheelchair users to remove one of the front seats allowing users access to the area.  When properly equipped, driving the vehicle from a wheelchair is possible.  So we can meet the needs of many customers, we start the new lowered floor just forward of the rear axle and carry it forward to the firewall.  Not only is the AMS Volkswagen Legend side entry a great wheelchair van for driver applications, but it also perfect for the passengers who want to ride in comfort up front or in the mid section of the vehicle easily.