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Terms & Conditions

Morrie's Mobility Finance Pledge Regarding the Responsible Use and Protection of Customer Information

At Morrie's Mobility we respect the confidentiality of your personal information, and it is our ongoing responsibility to ensure that it is protected. We are providing you with this notice to inform you of how Morrie's Mobility Finance responsibly uses and safeguards your nonpublic personal information. By nonpublic personal information, we mean personally identifiable information that has not been obtained from a public source. Some examples of this are your social security number or the name of your employer. We encourage you to read this notice and to call, visit or email us if you have any questions.

The following is our continuing commitment to the responsible use and protection of your confidential information:

  • Protection of Confidential Information:
    • We will safeguard, according to prudent security standards, the confidentiality of all nonpublic personalinformation you provide for us.
  • Collection, Use and Retention of Confidential Information:
    • Morrie's Mobility Finance limits the collection, use and retention of confidential information to what we believe is necessary to administer our business, to provide you with exceptional quality service, to comply with regulatory retention of information, and to make available to you other promotions, services, and opportunities that may be of benefit or interest to you. For example, your information may be used to evaluate your eligibility for a loan or other services.
  • Information Collection:
    • We may collect: Information we receive from you on applications and forms, or other information that you provide for us, for example: your income or where you work; Information you voluntarily submit for example, your fax number, your e-mail address; Information about your transactions with our affiliates, others or us. Information we receive from a consumer-reporting agency, such as your creditworthiness, your employment verification, etc.
  • Security Procedures to Protect Confidential Information:
    • A fundamental element of safeguarding your confidential information is to provide protection against unauthorized access or use of this information. We restrict access to nonpublic information about you to those employees who need to know that information to provide products or services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your non-public information.
  • Sharing Information with Third Parties Outside of Morrie's Mobility Finance:
    • We may be required to or may share some or all of the information that we collect about you, as permitted by law, for the following purposes to third parties to process or service a financial transaction that you requested or authorized:
      • to insurance companies who underwrite your vehicle
      • to state registration agencies, our regulators and auditors
      • to consumer reporting agencies
      • to vehicle manufacturer
      • to third parties that assist us in marketing our accounts and service
      • to third parties that provide support for services for our products, such as companies that service our mailings.
      • to respond to a subpoena, court order or judicial process.

Whenever other companies or third parties provide support services on our behalf, we require them to conform to our confidentiality and information security standards. They are allowed to use confidential information only to provide the service or product on Morrie's Mobility Finance's behalf.

Before we can accept your application, you must read and agree to the following:

I certify that the information provided by me is correct. I also understand that you will be checking with credit reporting agencies. I authorize an investigation of my credit and employment history, receipt of a GLB privacy act notice by mail, and the release of information about my credit experience to a third party lending institution.

Thank You,

Your application has been successfully sent. We will contact you to review your application.